What Headmaster Talking About

Now it is the first day of school in the sixth semester, do not seem willing to graduate school too (SMK) and also the distribution report fifth semester.

As usual in the morning we are already collected in the field, there mukodimah of teachers and school principals. Initially, I thought it would be a boring theme, as in previous years, but Did not. They talk about the MEA because of our particular class of three will plunge into the industrial world (they think)

In the face of MEA that has already begun as of January 2016, there are some points that convey the principal, ie.


I agree with this because now we have entered the time of the creative industries. An industry would not go forward if we do not have these items, they will be out of date, maybe. Each year, it should be no change. To be creative, we need to think critically.

Critical Thinking

I think that creative ideas will emerge as critical thinking. Look around to solve the problems of the environment.

Communications Skills

At this day and age, we have to master the language better communication and others. Because we will work with the countries of ASEAN. It will be a plus so we can go international. I think.


We are social beings, dependent on humans and God of course. Good communication will build a good collaboration too

Indonesia is the human good, in my opinion, should not be underestimated. Many children of a creative but not exposed by the government and ultimately taken by neighboring countries.

Or products smk car, but now has somewhere to go. Recently continues many are making drones. But yes it was, as his government did not look for it.

The startup is also a current trend, in Indonesia many. Such as GO-JEK Grab Bike. They are creative with critical thinking about the environment.


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