Issue #1

In yesterday proxy configuration setup hotspot fitting integrated with the user manager and also radius error that I’ve found quite frustrating. I’ve repeatedly check to make sure that what I’m doing right, but to no avail.

Error Invalid login fitting Mikrotik hotspot, but has to make user and password, and I guarantee it exactly.


I use a Mikrotik RB750 with RouterOS v.5.20

After searching in google, to page 6 and still can not. I remembered the group to join Mikrotik Indonesia, I search there may be experiencing the same thing and finally found it.

Indications of problems

  1. RouterOS version already old school, but honestly, I do not expert in this.
  2. Maybe this is user manager problematic, I’ve several times to install and uninstall this package, still error.
  3. Overlapping configuration, this router I’ve reset several times. because using that for some groups for training

What I do

After reading the posts in Group Mikrotik Indonesia, postman downgrade version, but I think it would downgrade v.5.20 how? I wrote fraudulent Upgrade to v.6.33 and it worked, has not appeared again in the error message Invalid Password login Mikrotik Hotspot.


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